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 About The City Council


The City of Covington is governed by an “at-large” Mayor and six (6) City Council-members.  The city is divided into two (2) wards, the East Ward and the West Ward.  Three council-members are elected by the constituents of each ward to serve in the respective ward where they reside.  The City Manager is responsible for the daily administration or running of the city organization.  All of the elected officials of the City of Covington and the City Manager are readily accessible to residents, business owners, citizens, and visitors.  As nearly a possible, the City of Covington operates within the framework of an “Open Door Policy”.  In addition to assuring transparency of government, fiscal responsibility, and accessibility for all,  the focus of the elected officials and management for the City of Covington, as outlined in the Strategic Plan is :

  1. Preparing for the Community of Tomorrow
  2. Working Toward a Safer Community
  3. Promoting Small Town Life
  4. Offering Access to the World


Preserving the value of small town life while preparing an innovative community with access to the world.

Mission Statement

Covington is a city of excellence providing innovative services that enhance the quality of life for our residential, business and industrial customers while striving to create a safe and family-friendly community our residents are proud to call home.


 City Council Meetings

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