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Hawnethia Williams
​Hawnethia Williams Post 2 West
Hawnethia Williams
City of Covington
Mayor Protem 2008-2009
Phone (770) 786-4188

Born in Covington, Ga. as the daughter of two educators, Hawnethia Williams will be the first to tell you that Church and education were the two most important bricks her parents laid in her foundation.

 It was at a very early age that Hawnethia knew she wanted to follow in her parents footsteps as an educator. She saw the good her parents and relatives were doing in their community as educators and wanted to be a part of that. She also appreciated the respect teachers garnered and knew that she could make a difference shaping the lives of the world’s future leaders.

After graduating from R.L. Cousins High School in 1962, Hawnethia graduated with honors from Clark Atlanta University, then furthered her education with a Master’s Degree in Social Science from Georgia State University.

Hawnethia has always had an interest in current events, especially politics. In 2005, Hawnethia decided to give back to the community that continues to give her so much. She decided to run for a seat on the Covington City Council, but she is very quick to point out that the seat belongs to the citizens, she just occupies it.

Hawnethia says that Covington is no longer the quaint town she grew up in. The addition of Baxalta and General Mills moved Covington to the cutting edge of economic development in the Southeast. Covington has always been a great place for families to raise their kids and enjoy a fantastic quality of life, but Hawnethia takes it as a pers​onal mission to ensure that Covington grows smart, not fast and remains a quality destination for families. 

A lifelong member of Grace United Methodist Church in Covington, Hawnethia sings in the gospel and Voices of Grace choirs and is a Sunday school teacher. Hawnethia is also a certified lay speaker and lay leader.

 Some of Hawnethia’s accomplishments include:

·   Served on the Historical Preservation Commission and the Housing Board of Appeals until elected to the City Council. In 2008 began serving on the Affordable Housing Taskforce

•Successfully advocated with community support for the development of Public Educational Government Channels by the City

• Integral in the development of the Harristown Park Apartments in Covington

• Taskforce for the development of the Newton County History Center. A SPLOST project that is scheduled to be housed in Newton County’s Historic Jail

• Served as third, second, first vice president and president of the Georgia Municipal Association’s Fifth district, comprised of 60 cities


•2007 was awarded the Newton County Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have A Dream Award”

• Recognized by Chi Tau Omega (Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority) as a legend in the area of government for their inaugural Legends banquet in 2011