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A Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is a set of U.S. government financial statements comprising the financial report of a state, municipal or other governmental entity that complies with the accounting requirements promulgated by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). GASB provides standards for the content of a CAFR in its annually updated publication Codification of Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards. The U.S. Federal Government adheres to standards determined by the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB).
A CAFR is "compiled" by a state, municipal or other governmental accounting staff and "audited" by an external American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) certified accounting firm utilizing GASB requirements. It is composed of three sections: Introductory, Financial and Statistical.  It combines the financial information of fund accounting and Enterprise Authorities accounting.
The City of Covington CAFR reports are listed below.
A Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) is comprised of information extracted from the government’s comprehensive annual financial report. The report is spefically designed to be readily accessible and easily understandable to the general public and other interested parties without a background in public finance.

The City of Covington PAFR report is listed below.