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‚ÄčEnergy Audits
The City offers free Energy Audits.  Contact us and we will arrange for an on-site energy audit to review how energy is being used at your home and make recommendations on ways to reduce consumption and cut costs.  Sometimes a "smoking gun" is found, such as a water heater problem or an air-conditioner that needs refrigerant.  Other times, simple and easy to do projects such as sealing cracks can make a difference.
To contact us and arrange an audit or to just obtain information and advice, call Customer Service at 770-385-2000, contact the department at 770-385-2027 or use the "Contact Us" link on our Home Page to make a request via the Web.  Our energy technician will follow up with you and arrange a time for an on-site visit.
You can also conduct a "do-it-yourself" audit at any time you wish by logging on to and clicking on Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audits.