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1. Where do I apply for service or inquire about a bill? 
  Apply at the Covington City Hall at 2194 Emory Street (Hwy. 81).  For  more information about establishing accounts and questions about  your bill, click here for customer service or call them at  770-385- 2000.   
2. Are the residential rates the same all year?
 No, for the eight months of October through May, "winter" rates apply  which cost less than summer rates.  Summer rates are higher above  300 kWH due to the higher cost of generating the extra power needed  in the summer. 
3. Why does the City have an "adjustment" (PCA) added to our bill?
 The PCA is a means by which the price charged for electricity is  adjusted to correspond with the costs that the City incurs to acquire  and provide electric service.  Just the same as the price of gasoline  can change, so can the price of fuel used to generate electricity?  The  price of electricity bought from wholesale power marketers also varies.
4. My power is out.  Who should I call?
 Call 770-385-2000 for 24/7 emergency service.
5. My yard is dark.  What can I do about it? 
 You may call us about security lights that can be leased from the City.    We offer several types of fixtures.  You may also have a private  electrical contractor add floodlights to your home or install other  outdoor lights.  You may "do-it-yourself" with fixtures available at local  hardware and building supply stores.  If you are unsure what to do,  call us and we'll review the options.
6. I want to put up some decorative lights for the holidays.  Do they cost  much to operate?
 Generally no.  Most small Christmas / Halloween lights use 1/2 watt or  less per bulb.  A string of 100 such lights that are "on" for 6 hours a  day cost less than $1.00 to operate for a month.  The new LED lights  cost less than this to operate.
7. Half of the lights in my house are out.   What's happening? 
 You may have a circuit breaker tripped or fuse blown.  Check your  electric panel for these.  If that's not the problem, a connection or  other wiring problem has likely occurred.  It may be a problem with  your household wiring or it may be a problem on your service line from  the City.  Call us and we'll check our line.  It that's not the problem,  you need to call a private electrical contractor.
8. Last Year my air conditioner ran fine.  This year it runs all the time and  the house isn't cool.  What's happening? 
 There's probably something wrong, such as a refrigerant leak.  Call a  qualified heating / air-conditioning contractor. 
9. Can I save money by setting my air-conditioning at a higher  temperature?
 Yes.  Some authorities say that you save about 1% for each degree of  upward change for each 8 hours.  Using this rule of thumb, setting the  temperature up by 4 degrees for 24 hours could save 12% of the  energy used for cooling in a day.  78 degrees is a frequently  recommended summer setting.  Just be sure you're still comfortable.
10. I would like to know more about energy-efficient lighting for my home.   Is there a website with information?
 Yes.  Actually there are several.  Try and click  on "lighting".  
11. I'm a builder.  How do I get electric service run to the house I'm  building?
 Click on new services.  If you need more information or need to  request the installation of an underground service, call our field  technicians at 770-385-2138.
12. I have buried utility lines on my property and I want to dig a small  pond?  How do I find where these lines are located?
 Call 811, the new national one-call locate number.  All such calls in  Georgia will go directly to the Utility Protection Center in Duluth which  will issue locate "tickets" to the area utility providers.  Note that there  is a waiting period of several days as specified by state law.  Also,  please note that lines that do not belong to a utility, such as the water  line between the meter and the house or a sprinkler line, are not  covered by the law and must be located, if possible, by the owner.
13. My firm needs information related to a new industrial project.  Where  can I get it?
 There are several sources depending upon what you need.  The City  and Newton County both participate in the Newton County Chamber of  Commerce, 770-786-7510, which can provide considerable information  on available sites, rail access, applicable incentives, state-sponsored  "Quick Start" training, etc.  The City's electric system is represented  by the marketing and economic development divisions of Electric Cities  of Georgia, 770-661-2889 as well as our own marketing coordinator at  770-385-2027.
14. How can I contact the major personnel in the department?
 Operations Manager, Michael Knight 770-385-2043
 Project Coordinator, Glenn Lovering 770-385-2138
 Energy Services, Woodrow Mullins770-385-2134
 Marketing, Stacy Walden   770-385-2027
 Director, Tim Morris 770-385-2120
15. Large utility companies are regulated by their state public service /  public utility commissions?  Who controls Covington's utility systems?
 Unlike large companies which may be managed by boards of directors  and utility commissions that may be located miles away, Covington's  electric, gas and water systems are controlled by the Covington City  Council, all of whom live in the local community.  While many of our  utility customers live outside the city limits, the Council represents  their interest on utility matters and is far easier to contact.  All official  meetings are held in Covington and are open to the public.
Please note that questions on many other subjects are answered under the Customer Service FAQ section.