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Grease Trap Program
As part of the City Of Covington's solution to collection system spills and overflows, a specific program was put in place to regularly inspect, clean, and protect the collection system from oil and grease accumulation. With the number of food service establishments growing, an effective program was required in order to ensure grease would not inhibit the flow of wastewater throughout the collection system.
 Grease is hydrophobic, which means it prefers to cling to surfaces that are free of water. In effect, it prefers to build on the walls of the sewer collection lines As it continues to build, a restricting of flow occurs.  Then as layers form and break off, a plug will occur downstream and eventually cause a blockage.  As a blockage occurs, the result is an overflow, lift station failure, and/or treatment plant problems.
Due to these concerns, grease is an enemy of the collection system.
  • Put oil/grease in collection containers.
  • Pour oil/grease down drains.
  • Remove oil/grease from kitchen utensils, equipment, food preparation areas with scrapers, towels, brooms
  • Wash fryers/griddles, pots pans, plates with water until oil/grease is removed
  • Keep grease out of wash water
  • Use hot water to rinse grease off surfaces
  • Place food scraps in collection containers
  • Put food scraps down the drains

 Oil and Grease Forms and Documents

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