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Site Description
The LAS manages nearly 2000 acres with over 1200 acres under irrigation. It receives treated effluent from two separate wastewater treatment facilities (City of Covington and NCWSA). This nutrient-rich water is stored in one of two ponds.
Storage pond capacity is 72 million gallons and 100 million gallons, respectively. Storage may be required during inclement weather periods, extended maintenance times or for planned timber harvesting. The treated wastewater is then pumped by one of two 400 HP pumps into the distribution system. This system is made up of 14 designated irrigation fields which are controlled with manual field valves and operated according to a planned schedule. The distribution system now consists of over 100 miles of high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping. The original system of PVC and galvanized piping has been replaced to match the expansion design.  The irrigation fields are composed of over 9000 solid set sprinklers and are evenly spaced to ensure a uniform application within the forested system of pines and hardwoods. Irrigation applications average between 1.0 and 2.0 inches per week per field, which results in over 1 billion gallons of treated wastewater being irrigated annually.
An established buffer zone is managed and restricts irrigation within 300 feet of residential dwellings, 150 feet from public roads, and 100 feet from any surface waters. With these requirements, the land application process not only efficiently removes nutrients but also provides a home to variety of wildlife, while being virtually unnoticed by the public.
Managed Area - 2000 acres
Irrigated Area - 1200 acres
Storage Ponds - Pond 1 (72 million gals.), Pond 2 (100 million gals.)
Distribution System - 100 miles of pipe and 9000 sprinklers
Pumping System - (2) 400 HP pumps

Buffer Zones  - Soil Sensitive areas treams, Ditches, Roads, Houses