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Water Monitoring


The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) issues and renews an operating permit (GA02-055).  According to this permit, specific monitoring requirements must be met. These permit requirements must be performed by State certified operators.  A thorough sampling and analysis plan was derived to monitor soils, irrigated effluent, groundwater and anysurface waters that traverse through or are adjacent to the land treatment site. Soil testing is performed annually on each irrigation field. Irrigated effluent is monitored weekly while groundwater is monitored monthly. Groundwater wells include upgradient wells, downgradient wells and wells located within the irrigation area. Surface water monitoring is performed quarterly and includes Dried Indian Creek and the Yellow River. Recently, permit modifications included additional monitoring requirements for the entire Yellow River watershed area. All operation and monitoring data is submitted monthly to the EPD.

Monitoring Requirements:
Groundwater Wells   (Monthly) Depth, pH, Conductivity, Nitrate-N, Fecal Coliform
Irrigated Effluent (2/month) pH, Nitrate Nitrogen
Soil (Annual) pH, CEC, Metals, Base Saturation, Sodium Saturation
Surface Water  (Quarterly) pH, Temp, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen TSS, BOD, Nitrate-N, Fecal Coliform