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‚ÄčOperations and Maintenance
Operation of the 8.8 MGD Land Application System (LAS) is allowed through a permit issued by the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division. As the wastewater is irrigated over the 14 designated fields, the forested system and the soil layer provide the treatment process prior to a slow discharge into the groundwater system. The carefully controlled slow rate irrigation process allows wastewater to be applied at such a rate that neither runoff nor saturated conditions exist.
This means the wastewater should slowly soak into the soil and be useful to the specific uptake crop (trees) as a water and nutrient source.  The land application process must be well planned, well maintained and well regulated to ensure no adverse impacts on surface water, groundwater, crops, soils and public confidence.
Routine maintenance is required to ensure proper operation. Keeping irrigation lanes clear of windblown and fallen debris and mowing the vegetative cover are necessary tasks that allow access to the distribution system. This is performed using low ground pressure, tracked equipment, resulting in minimal soil compaction. Other maintenance tasks include regular inspection of the irrigation system, performing necessary pipe repair and ensuring sufficient ground cover to prevent erosion.
Preventative maintenance is performed on a variety of pumps, valves and other mechanical equipment. Site management includes maintaining miles of access roads and perimeter fencing, pond dams, as well as the building and grounds.