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Deer at Land Applications Facility
‚ÄčWildlife Management
According to the recommendations within the Forest Stewardship plan, the LAS provides the public (Newton County residents only) with an opportunity to manage the white-tail deer population. Each year approximately six hunts are offered through a random drawing process. Applications are taken in July and archery-only hunts are scheduled for specific dates during September, October and November. A fee is charged to cover personnel costs. Each drawn applicant is assigned a specific date and area and must sign a waiver of liability. Restrictions are placed on type of deer to be harvested in order to encourage taking of does. Other rules and regulations include abiding by all State of Georgia, Department of Natural Resources hunt regulations. As required by the State Environmental Protection Division, public access was allowed as long as no irrigation has taken place within the specified areas within 48 hours. Careful scheduling must take place to accommodate this public opportunity.
Visit the LAS home page for applications, maps, and rules and regulations.