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‚ÄčFee Reductions for 2009

Earlier this year, a five year plan was developed for the stormwater program, and revisions were made to the stormwater billing system.  As a result, the 2009 bills will reflect a reduction in fees to all property owners.  The following items were incorporated into the billing system.

  • The equivalent residential unit (ERU) billing rate was reduced to $3.00 from $3.23.
  • The pervious area portion of billing system was removed.  Only impervious area is considered in the fee calculation.
  • A Low Impact Parcel credit was added to the Stormwater Utility Credit and Adjustment Policy Manual. 
  • Parcels larger than 0.58 acres with a impervious percentage of less than 14.2% have been credited with a 25% reduction.
  • Parcels receiving sheet flow from public property are eligible for a 15% credit.  Sheet flow does not include stormwater runoff conveyed by ditches, pipes, swales, or channels.
  • Please click here now to see the Example FeeCalculation.pdf.  Please click here now to see how Covington compares to other communities in the surrounding area.pdf.