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Street and Transportation Department
The Street Department
There are more than 100 miles of streets and 22 miles of sidewalks the Street Dept. is responsible for maintaining. Each street has a right of way that belongs to the City and is maintained by the Street Department which includes street repairs, sidewalk repairs, grass cutting, street sign maintenance and tree maintenance. The Street Dept. is also responsible for curb, gutter and storm drain maintenance. The Street Department maintains 200 acres at the City of Covington Airport that has to be mowed on a regular basis to keep the runway lights in clear view.
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The Transportation Department
If you have safety concerns within the right of way of the city streets, pedestrian safety at intersections or on the sidewalks, potholes or sinkholes to report or traffic signal pedestrian light or signal lights out please call the customer service department at 770-385-2000.
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 Contact Information

Street Dept.
Manager: Tommy Smith
Transportation Dept.
Manager: Ken Swain
Ph. 770-385-2189
Asst: Brad Stoothoff
Ph. 770-385-2184