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Water Restrictions
At its June 2 meeting, the Newton County Board of Commissioners approved new, relaxed outdoor watering restrictions with the approval of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD). The new water restrictions allow for more outdoor water uses including lawn sprinkling and car washing. The new restrictions, referred to as Level IVc restrictions, permit most outdoor water uses from 12 midnight to 10 AM three days per week. (Refer to the attached table for details.) The available days depend on street address: even numbered and unnumbered addresses are allowed outdoor water use on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; odd numbered addresses are allowed outdoor water use on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

With the unanimous approval of the Board of Commissioners, Chairman Kathryn Morgan made the request to EPD asking for approval to Level IVc watering restrictions. The approval letter from EPD Director Carol Couch was recently received by Newton County.

While allowing the use of manual or automatic outdoor sprinkling and car washing on the designated days, Level IV restrictions prohibit washing of hard surfaces, such as streets, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, except when necessary for public health or safety.  Level IV restrictions also prohibit the use of fire hydrants for other that firefighting, public health, safety or flushing. These new Level IVc watering restrictions apply to all public drinking water providers in Newton County, although individual providers may petition EPD for more stringent restrictions.  Questions regarding the new restrictions or their applicability should be directed to the customer service number on your water bill.

On February 11, 2008, EPD Director Couch issued an Order ( ) allowing swimming pools to be filled; hand watering of existing landscaping for 25 minutes per day; and watering of newly installed landscaping for up to 10 weeks under certain circumstances. That order remains in effect and is supplemental to the Level IVc allowances.

The Board recommends that even though outdoor watering restrictions have been relaxed, water consumers should continue to practice water conservation measures and use water wisely.
Outdoor Watering Restrictions

Allowed Not Allowed
Outdoor watering of yards/landscapes.  Sprinkler systems are allowed.  Must follow odd/even schedule and must be done between the hours of midnight and 10:00 AM. Outdoor water use of any kind, unless otherwise noted, on Fridays.
Other outdoor water uses such as washing cars/boats.  Self pressure washing of structures.  Must follow the odd/even schedule and must be done between the hours of midnight and 10:00 AM. Pressure washing of solid surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, gutters.  (Except as needed for public health and safety.)
Filling and maintaining of swimming pools to include full size and wading pools.  Unrestricted by time and day. Using hydrant system for non public safety issues.
Pressure washing of structures by a licensed professional.  Unrestricted by time and day.
Irrigation of food gardens.  Unrestricted by time and day.
Odd/Even Schedule:
Residential outdoor water use is generally controlled by the Odd/Even Schedule and within the hours of Midnight to 10:00 AM.
Scheduled days for odd-numbered addresses are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
Scheduled days for even-numbered and unnumbered addresses are Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Contact Information:
Newton County:
Karl Kelley – 678-625-1680
John Middleton - 678-625-1204     
NCWSA:  Mike Hopkins – 770-787-1375
WCWSA: Mike Rachelson – 770-466-1821
City of Covington: Steve Horton - 770-385-2000
City of Porterdale: Tom Fox – 770-786-2217
City of Oxford: Carol Poole – 770-786-7004
City of Mansfield:  Bill Cocchi – 770-786-7235
City of Newborn: Lisa Rowe – 770-787-1660