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​GIS Products & Services
The City of Covington/Newton County GIS Department provides products and services to other agencies and to the general public. In general, such products and services include:
Digital data - the base upon which all other GIS products are built
Spatial analysis - a means to combine data from many sources to solve problems
Hardcopy maps - plotted with unlimited combinations of data layers at any scale
Reports - primarily the result of a query or spatial analysis
Training - provided to the staff of Local Government Agencies
Customer Service - prompt and courteous assistance to the general public and to all clients
Specific data currently includes:
Parcel Boundaries with Assessment Data -
2013 Color Aerial Photos, 4-band, 6-inch pixel resolution for the entire county.
2016 Color Aerial Photos – available this summer
Road Centerlines
City Limit and Urban GrowthNewton_County_GIS_Pricing.pdfNewton_County_GIS_Pricing.pdf Area Boundaries
Utility Data
Land Use
Political Boundaries
Census Data
Fema Flood Plain
Soils Data
Geological Data
And More!
 For Current Pricing, Click Here:GIS pricing2017.pdfGIS pricing
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Covington/Newton GIS
1113 Usher St., Suite 302
Covington, GA 30014
Phone (678) 625-1619
Fax (770) 787-3963