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THE COVINGTON COTTAGE - Durable, Adaptable, & Affordable
Because affordability is so much more than the sales price:
If long-term affordability is an issue, then one must consider operational costs to heat and cool the home as well as long-term maintenance.  Quality insulation, high efficiency windows, appliances, heating and air-conditioning systems are key factors in reduced utility expenses. Durable materials such as masonry stucco, brick, stone, and cement siding offer the best value for reduced long-term maintenance.
If resale is likely in the future, then durability and quality of construction is an important consideration. A home that is easier and more affordable to maintain is more likely to be maintained and therefore continue to look new and well kept.  Cheaper materials are more likely to need frequent maintenance and replacement.  If a homeowner doesn’t have the financial ability to make the repairs or replace the broken parts, they are more likely to defer maintenance to a later date, compounding the damage as time and weather continue to damage the property.  As the damage is compounded so are the expenses to make the repairs and the downward spiral of deferred maintenance continues.
Cottage Plans - We offer seven different plans.....choose yours today!
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