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What We Do
With help from our beloved raccoon mascot, Detective Seymore Green and our dedicated volunteers, we educate the citizens of Newton County about environmental problems, impacts, and solutions. We organize, coordinate, and promote volunteer programs that focus on our mission and build greater environmental awareness in Newton County.
Our efforts center around our top four priorities:
1. Litter Prevention
2. Beautification and Community Programs
3. Waste Reduction and Recycling
4. Water Pollution Prevention
Litter Prevention
    "Adopt-A-Mile" Program
    Neighborhood Cleanups
    Litter Free Events
    "Great American Cleanup"
    Flower and Tree Planting Projects
School and Community Programs
    Detective Seymore Green puppet shows
    Learning Labs
    "Enviroscape" Demonstrations
Waste Reduction and Recycling
    Paper Shred Events
    Recycling Centers
Water Conservation and Water Pollution Prevention
    River Cleanups
    Adult Water Education Programs
    Children's Water Education Programs
    Stormwater Education Programs