Covington Fire Dept. Hosts North American Heavy Rescue Symposium

June 06, 2019

If you have noticed an abundance of well manicured mustaches in Covington, there is a good explanation. More than 400 firefighters are here for the North America Heavy Rescue Symposium.

The Covington Fire Department is hosting their fellow smoke eaters from 39 states and 7 different countries to take part in training for low probability, high risk scenarios that involve heavy equipment. The symposium started Tuesday, June 4th, with opening ceremonies and classes at the College and Career Academy.

Hands-on training runs through Friday, June 7 in which firefighters will work with trained instructors practicing techniques to extricate individuals from cars, buses and from under heavy equipment. We’d like to welcome all of the visiting organizations (including firefighters from Chile; Tijuana, Mexico; Toronto, Canada; and Melbourne, Australia) to Covington!


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