Covington City Council Votes to Outsource Sanitation Services

Customers will receive increased services and Newton County Landfill will still be utilized.

September 11, 2019

City of Covington Council members recently voted to outsource sanitation services for residents and commercial property owners in the city limits to private collection companies. The decision was made in large part to eliminate a financial deficit in the sanitation department which would sometimes reach as high as $450,000 annually. Latham Home Sanitation will be responsible for collecting all residential and hand loaded commercial refuse in the City of Covington and Advanced Disposal will pick up commercial dumpsters and roll off containers.


Much care was taken when interviewing and selecting collection companies and both residents and commercial clients can expect the same great service they are accustomed to continuing. An additional bonus to the use of Latham Home Sanitation is the return of bulk waste pick up. Previously, the City of Covington collected large items like furniture and appliances, but eventually the service became too costly. Latham Home Sanitation will once again collect bulk waste for residents and customers will still be able to enjoy yard debris collection services.


“This was a very difficult decision. Perhaps one of the most difficult we have had to make since I have been mayor,” said Covington Mayor Ronnie Johnston. “At the end of the day though, we are offering our citizens an increase in services without an increase in cost and the City will save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. It truly is a win-win situation for all parties involved.”


Residents voiced their concern over the new collection companies electing not to use the Newton County landfill, which would likely create a tax increase for all Newton County residents, but Johnston assured both City and County residents the trash collected will be brought to the Newton County Landfill.


“The City of Covington is the largest customer of the Newton County landfill and we realize our trash going to another landfill would cause economic issues for Newton County and that is certainly not our intent,” Johnston said. “What is good for Newton County is good for the City of Covington. We have had discussions with our new providers about utilizing the landfill and have assurances they will be Newton County landfill customers.”


Residents and commercial clients will receive communication with detailed information about the new providers, procedures and any changes to their collection schedules when plans are finalized with the new collection companies.

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