City of Covington Upcoming LMIG Paving Projects

Below are the streets and dates for the upcoming LMIG paving in the City. There will be traffic control during paving, but at least one lane will remain open to traffic. The Puckett Street section will be working around a sewer repair as well.

November 04, 2021


Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant


Williams Street DONE
Sockwell Avenue DONE
Turner Street DONE
Griffin Lane DONE
Cecilia Street DONE
Kirk Street DONE
Collier Street DONE
Peoples Street DONE
Carr Circle DONE
Lasseter Street DONE
Petty Street DONE
Town Branch Court DONE

*Dates may change due to inclement weather.

The below streets have been milled. Paving should be completed by 11/3/2021:

  • McClure Street
  • Whispering Pines Drive
  • Malcom Court
  • Malcom Drive
  • Corrydell Parkway
  • Harmony Place


The below streets require additional attention. Milling will begin on 11/1/21. They should be complted by 11/5/21:

  • Jefferson Avenue

  • South Emory Street

  • West Street

  • Bethlehem Way

    The sewer repair on Puckett Street has been completed. Paving has started on Puckett Street as of 11/12/21.

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