Security Lighting Service

A. Availability: To property owners and tenants in the proximity of low voltage distribution lines of the city. Service may be used to illuminate public thoroughfares and/or private outdoor areas, including, but not limited to, roadways, parking lots and yards.

B. Applicability: To unmetered dusk-to-dawn electric service provided by mercury vapor, high pressure sodium vapor or metal halide luminaries supported by short brackets and mounted on either city supplied poles or poles owned by the customer which conform to the city's specifications. New lighting service installations, including special poles, shall require an initial charge or an additional monthly charge to be paid by the customer.



FIXTURE TYPE           

LAMP WATTAGE                 

MONTHLY RATE                   


























C. Special Provisions:

1. The pole, luminary, bracket and control equipment shall be installed, owned, operated and maintained exclusively by the city. Rates for setting poles to install security lighting shall be:

For each 30-foot (25-foot mounting height) pole .....$3.50

For each 40-foot (34-foot mounting height) pole .....4.50


2. The customer must provide adequate pathways and workspace for ingress and egress to customer's premises for the purposes of installing and maintaining the lighting facilities.

3. In the event of vandalism or vehicular accident, the customer may be required to reimburse the city for any additional equipment replacement or maintenance work.

4. All lighting maintenance performed by the city will be accomplished as soon as it can be reasonably done following notification by the customer that service has been interrupted. However, such maintenance will be performed only during the city's regular working hours.

5. The contract period shall be no less than twelve (12) months. Residential contracts will be billed monthly according to the rates per fixture set forth above. Commercial contracts requiring new construction, including pole setting and wiring, will be billed in advance for the next succeeding twelve-month period. However, commercial contracts for lighting service where such service had previously been provided will be billed on a monthly basis.

6. A footage rate may apply in existing developments or where wiring must be installed elsewhere than in trenches which were dug to install electric distribution liner. Any costs associated with rock trenching or removal and any costs of repairing existing privately owned facilities shall be owned by the customer.


D. Environmental Compliance Cost Recovery (ECCR): Does not apply to this rate schedule.


E. Purchased Power Adjustment (PCA): Does not apply to this rate schedule.

(Ord. dated 2/3/14, § 7)


Editor's note: Ord. dated Feb. 3, 2014, § 7, amended § 13.08.360 in its entirety to read as set out herein. Former § 13.08.360pertained to security lighting service contracts and derived from Ord. dated April 5, 2010, § 1.