A visit to Covington is bucket list material year round.

Inside or outside, for a weekend or a lifetime, Covington has plenty of ways to keep you busy.

The residents of Covington, Georgia enjoy quiet residential areas, local parades, frequent concerts in the park, and “Christmas in Covington” which includes holiday shopping downtown. Residents also have a unified connection to the City’s historic southern past and a passion for a bright and prosperous future.

Easygoing explorers can take a relaxing walk in one of the pretty parks that are scattered throughout the village, and adventure seekers can hit the trail. Cyclists and mountain bikers alike will find miles of scenic routes to enjoy, while art lovers can spend hours enjoying our many galleries and performing arts venues. And everyone needs to eat, right? In Covington, enticing restaurants and eateries abound. 
Known for being one of "The Best Small Towns in America," The City of Covington extends its warm, world-renowned hospitality to all of its visitors. It's a place where nature, amenities, and culture meet to form an inspiring place that's as distinct as it is beautiful.

Police, Fire, E911, and Public Works services are provided by nationally, and in some cases internationally accredited agencies, staffed with highly capable employees who make customer service a priority.  Whether homegrown or later arrivals to the community, all residents have two very important things in common, they share and make up the many real and diverse qualities that make Covington, Georgia a great place to live!


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