Code Enforcement

The City's code enforcement officers are charged with ensuring that the living and working environment within Covington are healthy and safe for its residents by enforcing the City's Building Code, Property Maintenance Code, and Zoning Code.

Once code enforcement has been notified of a complaint, the department conducts an on-site inspection of the property.  If a code violation has been identified and confirmed upon inspection of the property, a letter requesting remediation is sent to the owner of the property, notifying them that they have to correct the problem or they will receive a citation. Select the button below to see the fee schedule for citations.


Code enforcement officers respond to all complaints within 24-48 hours.


You may notify the city about a possible code violation via:


 Planning and Development main telephone at 770-385-2020 / Fax at: 770-385-2170


Please be prepared to provide us with as much specific information as possible, such as:

  • ​Property address

  • Detailed description of the issue

  • Date and time you noticed the problem


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