Construction Specifications

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Temporary Service Poles (Saw Service)

Temporary service is normally utilized for the purpose of providing electricity for the construction of a home or business or to provide electricity for a short-term or seasonal activity such as a Christmas tree lot.  An application for service must be made in the same manner as any other City of Covington utility service.  A one-time charge of $35.00 is made to offset the cost of installing the connection between the customer's service pole or pedestal and the City's electric facilities.  A deposit, refundable upon termination of service, may also be required.
Certain regulations pertaining to the National Electric Code (NFPA 70) and City electric system practices apply to temporary service installations.  A brief summary follows:
Requirements for Temporary Service Poles ("Saw Service") 
The Covington Electric System requires that any temporary service pole comply with the National Electric Code and other appropriate practices, including the following:
1. A full length (min. 8') driven ground rod, protruding no more than 6" above the ground is necessary. A minimum #6 copper conductor is required, with an adequate ground clamp. The wire should be periodically stapled to the pole.
2. All receptacles and other devices should be mounted in an outdoor type, weather resistant box with an outdoor type cover. 120-volt receptacles should be GFCI type or be protected by a GFCI breaker.
3. The panel (disconnect) shall also be of the outdoor type and shall utilize breakers of the proper size for the wire which the feed. Proper color codes per the NEC shall be followed for all wires. All fittings, hubs, etc. shall be outdoor type.
4. The entrance cable and/or conduit shall be stapled to the pole. A weatherhead is required.  An eyebolt should be provided for attachment of the utility's service drop wire.
5. The pole shall be adequately braced and located within 75 feet of a City electric pole and  shall be of adequate height for proper clearance, per the NEC, of the utility's service drop wire  above whatever drive, road, or land that it may cross.
6. Underground service poles should be provided by the contractor with sufficient wire, already connected to the meter socket, to reach the transformer terminals.
The location of the temporary service pole and the available voltage is subject to approval of the Covington Electric System. A representative will check the pole for compliance with the above requirements and will not authorize its connection unless they are met. This does not preclude the right of local electrical inspectors to require a permit and perform an inspection if they wish.