Getting Things Done Around Town

Comprised of Street, Sanitation and Fleet and Equipment Maintenance, the Public Works Department is responsible for much of maintenance in Covington.

The City of Covington's Public Works Department received their third re-accreditation in 2018 with a 100 percent passing rate. Only 138 Public Works Departments in the United States and Canada are accredited and Georgia is home to only three of those 138.

Aerial shot of the Covington Square
The Covington Square

Surge Protectors and Why you should care.

Surge protectors serve to avoid or minimize damage to appliances and electronics that are caused by power surges or spikes. These spikes are caused by a variety of incidents such as accidents involving utility poles, contact with or shorting of lines by animals, falling limbs or weather conditions. The most common cause of damage is lightning. 

The City of Covington offers a variety of home surge protection including meter base protection. For more information on these products and others we offer, please contact us at (770) 385-2000.