The City of Covington provides a 95-gallon container to each residential unit served. Each container is numbered and assigned to a specific address. Sanitation services are provided for all residents within the city limits of Covington.

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Curbside service is provided for $25.00 per month and is included on your monthly utility bill. Senior citizens, aged 65 an over, pay $16.50 per month for sanitation services. Extra trash cans can be leased for an additional $8.00 per month. Your container should be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of your rollout service and removed by midnight that same day. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CONTAINER AT THE CURBSIDE ALL WEEK. You may not use any container for household garbage other than the one provided for you by the City of Covington. Other containers left at he curb are considered trash, and may be picked up and disposed of. 

Recyclables are collected on the same day as your garbage and trash. A recycle bin is provided to each resident. Items collected include plastic, aluminum and tin cans, newspapers and magazines.
Trash Collection
Only plant material may be placed for collection by the city’s trash trucks. No other trash, garbage or refuse of any kind may be incorporated into yard waste put out for collection.
Fee for Large Loads
The garbage and collection fees for the City include services for usual and normal disposal of leaves, fallen branches, and shrub trimmings placed at the right of way for pick up. The fees do not cover cost for pick up and disposal of large amounts of yard waste from tree and shrub removal. (Over 6 cubic yards per week)
Residents or property owners desiring City pick up and disposal of larger amounts of trimmings, brush or limbs can call 770-385-2000 for a pick up cost prior to placing such wastes at the street. The minimum fee for excessive yard debris removal is $50.
Rules for Bulk Waste 
  • Two items per week
  • Includes televisions, appliances, furniture, computers, etc.
  • Does not include construction or remodeling debris like wood, carpets, toilets, sheetrock, etc.
There are two Recycling Centers near the city limits of Covington:
  • Piper Rd. / Hwy. 36 Center at 10545 Hwy. 36
  • Bypass / Flat Shoals Rd. Center at 11575 Covington Bypass Rd.
Neighborhood Recycling Centers are not equipped to handle large volumes of waste materials from one source. One level truck load (2 cubic yards) or a small trailer of an equal amount of bulk or yard waste per household per week is acceptable. Large truck loads and multi-loads of bulk waste will not be accepted and should be taken directly to the landfill. The charge is $35.00 / Ton. When transporting garbage, refuse, or any cargo, use containers, tarpaulins or other devices that would effectively prevent materials from spilling or blowing from the vehicle onto county roads and right-of ways. "COVER YOUR LOADS FOR CLEANER ROADS" Littering fines are up to $1200.00.

It is unlawful to dump garbage, recyclables or refuse of any type at the gate of any Center when it is closed. It is unlawful to dump in any dumpster located within the Covington City limits.

Commercial and industrial service is also available. To inquire about a dumpster or a roll-off container, please call 770-385-2000.
If you reside within the Covington city limits and your street is not listed, please contact Customer Service at 770-385-2000.

Sanitation Pick Up Map

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Helpful Guidelines for
Refuse/Yard Debris Pickup

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