City of Covington Internal Support Departments

In addition to the departments that interact with the public on a daily basis, there are also several departments working hard to ensure every department functions well. These include:

The Elected Officials enact policies and ordinances. The City Manager reports to the Elected Officials and city employees report to the City Manager.

The Administration Department which includes the offices of the City Manager, Accounting Department, Clerk, Public Relations Manager and the City's Grant writer.

The Information Technology Department is responsible for all city owned electronic devices, public Internet access at all city facilities and public access for areas like the Square.

The Safety / Risk Department ensures a drug free workplace and responds to accidents involving employees and city owned equipment. This department also ensures ADA compliance.

The Fleet Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of nearly 200 city-owned vehicles and all equipment. 

Responsible for everything from light bulbs to moving walls, Facilities Maintenance handles the maintenance and repair of all city structures, including City Hall.


Safety Risk giving safety vest to water department employee
Two City employees looking at car engine at shop
Two City employees looking at car engine at shop