City Parks

Whether you want to relax a moment on a park bench and enjoy nature or take your children to a playground, the Covington parks satisfy the need to get outdoors.

In late 2020, the City of Covington completed the acquisition of the remaining 40+ acres necessary to form the canvas for the creation of Covington Central Park.  This park consists of 214 acres of mature southern forest framing Dried Indian Creek as it flows through the length of the park from the downtown area.  Central Park will serve as the center piece for recreational activities in the heart of Covington for residents and visitors alike, featuring activities for every member of the family.

The park is currently home to our championship disc golf course, Parkers Pasture, which is named for the farm which made up the northern half of the park.  The course is already well known and has received rave reviews from golfers from across the country who have visited and played during the short time it has been open.

In February 2021, the city engaged Perkins & Will to assist with the creation of the Central Park Master Plan.  The firm will design the park using a proven team of experts who will coordinate with our local citizens and stakeholder groups to ensure the park provides a place to create lasting memories for all who visit.

Covington Central Park will feature a trail system that connects the eleven neighborhoods bordering the park as well as the newly paved Cricket Frog Trail that runs through the heart of the city.  The park will consist of countless other amenities that will leave visitors longing to return to this tranquil setting in the heart of Covington; a place where family memories are made.

Whether you like to walk, cycle, picnic, play in the creek or watch the kids play on the playground, Covington Central Park has an activity for you.

Parks in the
City of Covington

Map of some of the parks located

within the Covington city limits.