Latham Home Sanitation is contracted with the City of Covington to manage our waste and recycling within the City limits. However, if you have an issue or problem, please contact our Customer Service representatives at 770-385-2000.


*Do I need a new trash can if I moved into a home where there's already a can?

If new owners/tenants are moving into an existing house, please check the container count for the previous resident. If the prior resident is using more than one container, we need to know if the new resident is keeping the extra cans or if we should schedule the removal of the extra can(s). 


Changes in residential names do not mandate a new trash can be delivered. If there is an existing trash can at the home, the new tenant/owner should use the City of Covington can already present. 


*What should I do if my trash was skipped?

Please call Customer Service at 770-385-2000. Let them know:

  • What was skipped: household can, yard trash, bulk items, overflow trash bags, etc. 
  • What time the trash can(s) was placed at the curb
  • Where is the trash is currently located

You have a 24 hour window following your pick-up day to report a skip.



  • Place trash cans at the curb the evening before your collection day.
  • No construction/demolition, remodeling debris is collected inside or outside the container (or) household yard waste/trimmings.
  • LHS is not contracted to collect overflow bags, when done, bags are collected as a courtesy.
  • All cans should be accessible for the automated system, cans should be within 5 feet of the curb, not obstructed by a parked car, mailbox, fence, shrub/tree, or any other structure.
  • TWO household bulk items are collected each week. If more than two are placed at the curb, additional items will be collected the following week in increments of two each week.
  • LHS observes two holidays per year: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. All routes on those two weeks will run a day late. OTHERWISE, ALL ROUTES ARE RAN ON REGULARLY SCHEDULED DAYS.


Common Complaint-Suggested Resolution

  1. The trash company left litter in front of my house: To avoid litter and strewn trash on sidewalks, streets, and in yards, all trash should be bagged in regular garbage bags and securely tied. For health and safety reasons, Latham avoids handling loose trash. It is a State of Georgia and City of Covington ordinance that all citizens should bag their trash.

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