Submitting Backflow Test Reports Online

The City of Covington is pleased to announce a new program which allows you to submit backflow test reports online.

We encourage you to sign up via the link below so all your information can be transferred to the new system.


To enroll, navigate to:

From this enrollment page you may:

  • Request an Admin style account
  • Request individual Tester accounts
  • Submit your Testing Certification and Test Kit Information (Please note these are required to sign up)
  • Provide a unique email address (Please note this is a requirement to login to SwiftComply)
  • View Frequently Asked Questions


There will be a $2.50 charge to submit tests through the SwiftComply portal and we will notify you once live when this charge will begin. This charge will only be applicable for passing tests. Failed tests are not charged.

Our goals with implementing this software include improved compliance, an increase in on-time backflow tests, and reduced administrative burden.

Thank you,

City of Covington, GA

David Powell @ 770-385-5702 or Tim Smith @ 770-385-2137