ALERT: Phone Scam Targeting City of Covington Electric Customers

Our team has been made aware of a phone scam that is targeting our customers. Please read more below.

February 13, 2024

Our staff has been made aware of a phone scam impacting our City of Covington electric customers. The caller states that we have merged with another power company and therefore, the customer is behind on payment and must pay immediately or their service will be terminated. This is a SCAM.
  • The City of Covington has not merged and will not be merging with another power company.
  • The City of Covington team will never call to request payment over the phone.


If you receive this phone call, please do not share any information with the caller. It is not a legitimate billing call.
We ask that you share this information with your friends and neighbors including customers of other local utility companies as they have also been impacted.


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