Environmental Compliance: Cross Connection

The cross connection program for the City Of Covington is to protect the potable water supply of its customers. It protects the users from numerous possibilities of contamination, which may 'backflow' or 'back-siphon' into the water supply system.

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Backflows can occur two ways:

  1.  Negative pressure causes a 'back-siphon'. Negative pressure creates a partial vacuum in a sealed tube or distribution system that can siphon liquid into a potable water system. Remember, liquids will flow toward the point of lowest pressure.
  2. Superior pressure causes backpressure backflow. A pump, boiler system, can cause superior pressure or elevated storage tank located in a non-potable system.

Breaks in a water main or fire hydrant use are examples that may cause a system to backflow. These situations can happen without notice and therefore require continuous prevention.


Prevention is maintained through:

  1. Careful considerations of water supply connections.
  2. A system of valves set up for protection. The type of valve is determined by the hazard it protects.
  3. Regular inspection/testing of backflow prevention valves.
  4. Public education


For more information, What Is Cross Connection has 50 questions and answers related to cross connection.

Backflow Testers: You can use the below fillable PDF as a testing form.

Please completely fill out the backflow test form. It MUST include the date of the test, the time (including AM or PM) of the test, test results and tester information (including phone number) and signature. If these items are not filled out, it will not be accepted. Thank you!