Planning Commission Meeting

Tuesday, August 9, 2022 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Council Room
2116 Stallings Street
Covington, Georgia

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Planning Commission Board (CPC)
August 9, 2022 @ 6 PM
City Hall Council Chambers, 2116 Stallings Street, Covington, GA
Dial +1 646 558 8656 Meeting ID: 842 2270 6074
1. Call to Order
2. Opening remarks/roll call
3. Old Business
A. Discussion and approval of the July 12th, 2022 minutes.
B. Rezoning: PR21-0005
Request: Text Amendment for Clark’s Grove Overlay
LOCATION: Clark St., Land Lots #252 & 253
Tax Map Parcel Number: C035 0007 052
Owner(s): Fowler Newton Properties, Inc.,
Applicant: Sarah Butler (PRAXIS3 Architecture)
C. Rezoning: PR22-0003 *Tabled to September
Request: NR1 (Neighborhood Res. District 1) to NR2 (Neighborhood Res. District 2)
Proposed Single-Family Attached Development
LOCATION: 70 McGuirts Bridge Road
Tax Map Parcel Number: C082A 043
Owner/Applicant: Ronnie Johnston / McGinnis Ferry Dev. Group
D. Special Use: PSU22-0003
Request: 330-Unit Apartment Development
Location: MLK Blvd. @ Neely Farm Circle
Tax Map Parcel Number: C082 005
Owner: Neely Farms Family LTD & The Square @ Neely Farms LLC
Applicant: Carter Acquisitions
4. New Business
A. Proposed Preliminary Plat - NONE PRESENTED
Location: n/a
Tax Map Parcel Number: n/a
Owner(s)/Applicant(s): n/a
B. Annexation: PAR22-0003 * Tabled to September
Request: Annexation of county parcels-
TMP#s 00749 009, 0079 011 & 0096 006
Location: Flat Rock & Gregory
Current county zoning: A (Agriculture)
Proposed city zoning: M2 (Heavy Industrial)
Applicant: Jay Williams/Eric Johansen
Owner: Jay Williams/Eric Johansen
C. Special Use: PSU22-0004
Request: Operation of a private probation agency (JAG)
Location: 6195 Floyd St.
Tax Map Parcel Number: C005 0003 001
Applicant: JAG Probation/Craig Taylor
Owner: Stacy Whitsitt (Derck)
D. Special Use: PSU22-0005 *Tabled to September
Request: Multi-family 60 townhome development
Location: 108600 Covington By-pass Rd.,
Tax Map Parcel Number: C064 007
Applicant: Danny Hermann
Owner: Danny Hermann
E. Special Use: PSU22-0006
Request: Homeless shelter
Location: 7153 Turner Lake Circle
Tax Map Parcel Number: C040 0002 023
Applicant: Rainbow Comm. Center, Ind.
dba The Garden of Gethsemane Homeless shelter
Owner: The Housing Authority of the City of Covington
F. Text Amendment: Build to Rent
CPC Discussion for Recommendation
1st Reading M&C = August 15th
Final Reading M&C = September 6th
5. Public Comments
6. Planning Manager report
7. Discussion from Board
8. Adjournment


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