Human Resources

Covington, Georgia: The poster child for "Live, Work and Play" communities.

In addition to competitive wages and excellent benefits employees who choose a career path with the City of Covington enjoy utilizing their talents in a city rich with history, but that is modern and is one of the most vibrant cities east of Atlanta.
Founded in 1822, the City of Covington is famous for its rich film history and beautiful antebellum homes, but businesses like Facebook and pharmaceutical giantTakeda have recently chosen to call Covington home.
Current employees say one of their work-related highlights is the ability to directly impact an entire city, daily.
“When you come to work for the City of Covington, you touch 13,000 citizens and countless guests and tourists every single day. It isn’t just putting items in a box for shipment or selling a service to someone across the globe. The fruits of your labor stay right here in our community.” – City Manager Leigh Anne Knight.
Another bonus to employment with the City of Covington is the ability to live where you work. There is no sitting in Atlanta traffic. The City of Covington also readily invests in employee’s education. Employees enjoy opportunities to advance their career and formal education with tuition assistance packages and continuing education programs. Jobs with a wide range of skill sets and interests are available, making advancing your career within the City of Covington very possible.